Applicant Criteria

Autumn Chase Apartments

Qualifying Applicant Criteria

  • A separate rental application must be fully completed, dated and signed by each applicant and all co-applicants.  Rental applications are $50 per applicant and are non-refundable.
  • The rental application will be reviewed when submitted so we’ll have all the information needed to determine your eligibility.
  • Each applicant must provide government photo identification and allow it to be photocopied.
  • Employment and monthly income must be verifiable. The total monthly income of all applicants must be three times monthly rent. (Otherwise, a guarantor is necessary.)
  • Applicants who are first-time renters or who do not have sufficient income under paragraph 6 below, may qualify by having the lease guaranteed by a guarantor. The guarantor must have a gross monthly income of at least four times the monthly rent and must meet all other qualifying criteria. The guarantor must complete and sign a lease guaranty agreement. The lease may be guaranteed only by a relative or employer.
  • If an applicant’s family will be occupying the dwelling, the family size must be appropriate for the available apartment, i.e., no more than two adults per bedroom, in most circumstances.
  • Applicant(s) may be denied occupancy for the following reasons:
  • Falsifications of the application by any applicant
  • Incomplete application by any applicant
  • Insufficient income (total of all applicants)
  • Criminal conviction history of violent or sexual crime committed by any applicant or by other occupants (including children) who plan to live in unit
  • Poor credit history of any applicant (credit reports are obtained; previous bankruptcy requires an additional security deposit equal to one month’s rent)
  • Poor rental profile of any applicant (rental history reports are obtained). Rental history of:       
    1. Non-payment of rent
    2. Frequent late payments
    3. Eviction
    4. Drug use
    5. Poor housekeeping
    6. Poor supervision of applicant’s children
    7. Unruly or destructive behavior by applicant, applicant’s children or applicant’s guests
    8. Violence to persons or property by applicant, applicant’s children or applicant’s guests

       We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status.

  • Autumn Chase Apartments does not allow pets.